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Displaymakers Design Based Innovation for Goodman Fielder New Zealand

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Supermarket Bread Aisle — Design Based Innovation.

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The client approached Displaymakers to help bring the supermarket bread isle to life. Having designed and manufactured the standard bread rack for many years now and we too agreed, it was time for a make over.

Our Approach

Together we looked at the classic bread rack systems we'd previously designed in search of key areas to improve on. Having thoroughly examined the existing design, we discovered that gains could be made in improving bread and brand visibility, reducing bread crates visibility, and maintaining the clients core requirement about the not harming the efficiency of their distribution system.

From the initial research phase, we then embarked on an extensive development and prototyping program. We compile our successes and refined our prototypes into a singular, polished system.

The Result

A one of a kind Bread Display system, unique to the world that  ticks all the right boxes. 

The rack can be flat packed for ease of transport and with no tools needed for construction, installation is a breeze.

The refreshed bread rack improves custom experience on two fronts. Functionally, bread is a lot easier to access for customers. And visually, the sleek low profile design allows for bread loaves and branding is visible to its fullest. Unsightly bread creates are subtly hidden and the bread aisle is now looking clean and sharp.