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Refrigerated Shelving — Increasing Store Efficiency.


DisplayMakers Design and Engineering teams were set the challenge of creating a revolutionary Shelving system specifically for Diary products in Supermarkets. The solution had to improve the presentation of product at the front of shelf with greater visibility, easier access for shoppers, while providing a quick and no-fuss easy way to re-stock.

Technically, the system needed to strictly meet all hygiene requirements and to be easily cleanable without allowing any spilt Dairy products festering in unreachable areas.

Further more, the solution had to be physically capable of sliding into an industrial fridge unit and withstanding the cold temperatures.

Our Approach

Through our research and development, DisplayMakers decided a back-filled rolling system would be the best approach for this new system.

By using rollers, it meant that actual ‘out of stock’ situations could be easily identified and quickly restocked, reducing the chances of a missed purchase opportunity. 

Displaymakers Increasing Store Efficiency with Roloro milk shelving system

The system significantly reduces merchandising time as the need to manually front face product is eliminated. Additionally, Relays and planogram compliance is much easier with full adjustability of the system.

We took careful consideration to make sure products were well displayed and un-obscured by design elements. The aim was to make products consistently look better in store to help drive sales. We found this was very important to the shopper, especially in higher and lower shelves, where product can sit in dark shadows or is out of sight


The Benefit

Faced up shelves. Shelves always appear full. Clean lineal lines of product.

The flexible Roller Track and divider system adjusts easily to cater for a wide range of product of varying size, shape and weight.

Suitable to use in ambient and chilled environments such as cold stores, open chillers and refrigerators, the product is ideal for a range of categories.

DisplayMakers Roller Shelving is robust, modular and easy to install, manufactured in high quality food grade materials that are easy to clean.

This has achieved an overall increased in savings with roller shelf implementation and a boost in sales opportunity with front of shelf presentation.